Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering
Temporary Roof Covering

Key Benefits

  • Inexpensive way to protect the building
  • Provides additional time to decide on the right solution
  • Provides piece of mind
  • Prevents mold
  • Provides additional time for funding
  • Provides additional time for best repair weather conditions
  • Defer expense to building insurance

Temporary Roofing Solutions

  • Fast and Affordable Leak Stop Repairs
  • Tarp Temporary Roofing
  • Roof Coatings
  • Leak Stop
  • Roof cements and sealants for temporarily sealing termination points

What is Temporary Roofing?

Temporary roof is just what it sounds like; it’s an effective temporary solution to mitigate water infiltration until a permanent solution is utilized.

Why Would I Need or Use Temporary Roofing?

An example is after ice damming leaks, severe wind, hail, animal, or tree limbs damaging the roofing system, utilizing temporary roofing will mitigate future damages from rain and melting snow. This type of roofing can prevent damage to the roofing structure and interior of the building while an owner can carefully consider the options either to repair or replace the affected area.  Sometime a minor problem can turn out to be a big one and a roof section could be completely deteriorated with many voids through the protective covering causing several leaks. Tarping this roof section would make sense until a permanent solution is utilized.

What is the Benefit of a Temporary Roof Solution?

Affecting a temporary repair can save you thousands of dollars of damages while buying you additional time to consider the right repair. Additional time also can provide better weather conditions to perform the work in a quality way. Be forewarned: temporary roofing does not last forever and by no means is a permanent solution, however it can prevent the damage from getting worse and protect your home for the interim until you can make the real repair.

When Do I need Roofing help?

If you’re not sure about the condition of your shingles or roof covering, or think you might have experienced roof damage, or even have a roof leak, call us today. Damaged or aging roofs should also be looked at by a professional. Don’t put it off because you’re embarrassed, you think it has been left too long, or you just had no idea the roof looked so bad.

Contact us today to book a service repair call with one of our professionals…We can inspect and assess your needs and we will help make you feel right at home.

Q & A

What is temporary roofing?

Temporary roofing is just what it sounds like; it’s a temporary solution over top of an existing problem to help mitigate exterior moisture/water from entering the building. Water that penetrates beyond first layer and sometimes second layer will often result in costly repairs to the building structure, insulation, drywall or plaster, its interior furnishings and contents. Temporary roofing and wall protection coverings are typically utilized for a fast effective leak stop measure if a replacement or larger permanent repair is needed. Temporary tarp covering service can be installed very quickly and easily over a large or small area to protect the building from the next storm. The panic of making an emotional decision is now eased, you now have the time to think about the best solution, carefully considered it, base on your needs and budget.

I can’t afford to replace my roof right now. What are my options?

Temporary roofing can last 6 months up-to a year. Be forewarned it’s only temporary, so be forewarned ever situation is a little different, depending on how vulnerable and problematic the area is will depend on how effective and how long it will last.

What is “Leak Stop?

Answer: A Temporary leak stop method designed for flat roofs. It is a material applied to the affected area of a flat roof leak. This product starts out as a powdery dry material and as it come into contact with water, it uses the waters path, like a river to carry its self into the void or hold in the roof. Once it has buried into the roof covering nearest to the voids it solidifies to a solid and acts as a temporary dam/plug to prevent further water infiltration. It can be effective; however it’s a hit or a miss depending on the severity and amount of the void in the system. Typically works quickly so you can measure it effectiveness, if the result are positive, will only last a few months or less. You should prepare to spend money for a more permanent solution or keep spending on temporary Leak Stop service.

What is “Wet Patch”?

A good quality wet patch will stick to wet surfaces and repel moisture away. With seasonal temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius this product works well in localized damp or wet area’s to provide a temporary seal.

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