Damaged shingles due to wind and poor installation.
Damaged Shingles due to wind and poor installation.
Damaged shingles.
Completed Roof Repair.

Key Benefits

  • Can dramatically enhance the appearance of the property.
  • Provides the first defense from water infiltration
  • Quality materials installed correctly with proper specification can perform for a long time
  • Serviceable with regular maintenance


  • Repairing Missing Shingles from Wind, Hail,or Animal Damage
  • Finding and Repairing Leaks in the Roof Covering System
  • Repairs to Slate, Cedar, or Metal Roofing
  • Replacing Roof Section
  • Detailed Assessment Inspection and Report on the Condition of Shingles and All Types of Roof Coverings

What is the Primary Purpose of Shingles and Roof Coverings?

Shingles are engineered to shed water off the roof surface and are the protective covering for all the materials beneath them. Many shingles today, installed correctly with proper ventilation, can perform for 30 years or more with great efficiency. However, if incorrectly installed along with other components of the roofing system,  including improper ventilation, inadequate substrate, missing underlayment or flashings, premature shingle degradation and subsequent roofing system failure could occur much sooner, causing costly repairs in the future.

How Do I know If I Need To Repair or Replace My Shingles?

One indication that you need to replace or repair your roof is to take a look in your eavestrough. The rain gutter will have granules of asphalt that will indicate that your shingles have started to ‘bald’. Any type of moss growth is another sign that your roof might need replacing. Of course, if you have any leaks inside your home, discoloration or spots on your ceiling, that is an indication that moisture is seeping or dripping in.

In the spring, missing shingles are a common roofing problem. The shingles may have been poorly installed or come loose because of high winds, ice and snow damage and other weather exposure. Missing shingles should be replaced by a professional to ensure the roof’s integrity remains intact and no leaking occurs.

Improperly installed, degraded, damaged and missing shingles are the primary causes for roof leaks. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your roof. Cost effective repairs can be made to stop the leaks and extend and preserve the life of the roof.

Why Have My Shingles not Lasted as Long as Expected?

Failure to Following the Manufacturers Installation Specifications for Warranty Requirements

Lack of or an improperly ventilated roof and attic are often one of the biggest causes of premature roof failure. It’s no longer good enough just to have roof vents. Ventilation needs to be designed to have a balance of intake and exhaust; a continues airflow evenly distributed on the entire underside of the roof deck to help keep the shingle surface cooler in the summer and to prevent moisture build up in the winter. This causes the shingles to fail causing premature aging including curling and balding (granular loss).

Failure to Correct Pre-Existing Conditions

Prior to 1960 1×8, 1×10, and 1×12 roof deck sheeting was most commonly used during buildings construction practices in the GTA. These wide 1 inch boards can frequently move, expand and contract with seasonal conditions as moisture levels change. In turn, the movement can cause shingles to start buckling vertically and cracking horizontally. Roofing manufacturers will not take the responsibility for poor deck design that causes damage to the roofing materials. Damage to the shingles caused by settlement, distortion, failure, or cracking of the roof deck are not covered. 

Failure Due To Poor Workmanship

The shingles could be ‘nailed high’ which allows wind to lift up the shingles off of the roof deck. Sometimes the shingles are installed incorrectly using a vertical racking method instead of using the stepped method which can cause roof leaks. Defects, damage or failure caused by the application of the shingles not in strict adherence within written instructions of the roofing material manufacturer can also be a cause for premature aging.

Do I need help?

If you’re not sure about the condition of your shingles or roof covering, or think you might have experienced hail damage, call us today. Leaks from ice dams or melting snow should also be looked at by a professional. Contact us today to book a service call with one of our professionals to inspect and assess your needs.

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