Considering a Roof Replacement? Have You Considered Everything?

The roofing industry in Ontario has little, to no regulation.

That means, no governing body telling consumers:

  • Who is accredited, professionally trained or regarded as industry leaders
  • What contractors are transparent and implementing the correct solutions
  • Who is following safety policies. In fact, it’s left to the homeowner to enforce proper insurance policies and WSIB.

An Industry Wide Lie is Being Told To Consumers Everyday
Are you sure you’ll have a warranty that means something?
Most homeowners are confused or miss lead when it comes to a roof warranty.

Did You Know?

  • 99% of roofing contractors in Ontario, install roofs to the legal minimum of Ontario Building Code specifications.
  • Ontario Building Code specifications only offers “limited protection”, under “normal seasonal conditions”.
  • We don’t live in “normal seasonal conditions”. Ours are “extreme” for 6 months a year.
  • Limited shingle warranties don’t cover what you think they do.
  • They cover nothing for the most common issues: Leaks, shingle blow off, wind damage, ice dams, etc.
  • Only a small portion of replacement costs are covered. And that’s if your claim is valid based on the proper installation by your contractor.
  • The major costs, are covered by you.
  • A limited shingle warranty is either pro-rated, limited or both and the only assurances you have is the word of the roofing company you hired to do the work.
  • Not very comforting.

Don’t Be Fooled By Non-Accredited Roofers. Mr. Roof Repair is an accredited at the highest level. A Select Shingle Master with CertainTeed.

That means:

  • The most comprehensive, Life-Time, NON PRO RATED, FULL SYSTEM, Fully Transferable Warranty in the Industry
  • 50 Years on labour and material.
  • 25 Years on Workmanship
  • Not just a shingle warranty – You are covered for the ENTIRE SYSTEM.

Bottom Line? Never Re-Roof Again!



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