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Key Benefits of Animal Damage Repair

  • Address and minimize potentially costly roof damage
  • Permanently close off access to the home for animals
  • Reduce the chance of the animals coming back


Animal damage to residential roofing is very common in Ontario. Damage from raccoons and squirrels specifically will leave your roof exposed to rain, wind and snow which then leads to water damage. As the animals try to burrow a home for themselves or collect your roofing material for homes elsewhere, animals can cause a lot of damage. Once the animals have been removed from the home by an animal control company, we can:

  • Replace the damaged roof deck
  • Install metal flashing to cover access points
  • Replace plastic exhaust vents with metal ones that won’t be chewed to pieces
  • Properly seal vents so birds can’t nest in them
  • Replace damaged shingles
  • Install new insulation if the animal nested in the attic

Why is Animal Damage Repair so Important?

For example, raccoons are highly adaptable creatures and can become interested in your home as a new den site. Raccoons aren’t out to destroy your home, they are just looking for a warm, safe place to live. The problem is that while looking for a new home, they can cause major damage to your roof shingles, vents, underlayment, roof deck and attic. The destruction can range from a small hole in the roof to a whole section of shingles being removed and eventually holes through your roof if left unchecked. This can then lead to leaks inside your home when it rains or snows.

What Steps Should I Take?

If you have had issues with raccoons or other animals in the past, or suspect you have an issue now, it is best to call a professional who is properly trained in how to treat the issue. Frequent inspections will be necessary in the future to ensure the animals don’t return. Try using binoculars to review your roofing system for any damage. You can also arrange for Mr. Roof Repair to perform an assessment of your roof.

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