Did you know that if you see these common roof issues you have a roofing problem?

_checkShingle on the ground means you are missing shingles on your roof and your roof deck is exposed! Water can leak into seams, or through nail fasteners on exposed wood causing a leak in your attic.

_checkGranules in eaves or gutters means you have wear and tear and your shingles are disintegrating. Shingles are water resistant not water proof and if they are compromised by wear and tear they provide even less protection, causing wood rot to your roof deck.

_checkCurling shingles means nails have popped up on your roof deck and water can flow into the missing nail holes causing an interior leak.

_checkHearing animal noise from inside your roof means that the animals have gotten into your home and have already caused roof damage. There is a hole somewhere on your roof and they may be ripping away shingles, roof deck and roof vents to let their friends in. This will become a big leak source.

_checkUneven shingle wear or damage where the downspout is connected from one part of the roof to a lower part means your downspout has a leak and the water is wearing your roof out below. The shingles that are worn are a leak source.

_checkInterior leak in your home right above a skylight, roof vent or chimney may mean the sealants have deteriorated. Over time the sun’s ultraviolet light and harsh winters can deteriorate the sealants around the flashings of these inserts, causing an interior leak.

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