Roof Top Snow Removal

Cleared Roof

Removing the snow off the roof before the snow melts can save thousands of dollars. When snow turns to ice in the eaves and builds up creating an ice dam, it can cost a building owner thousands of dollars. That is in addition to the insurance claims and headaches caused from interior damages. If you think you are safe because the roofer you hired installed waterproof membrane to prevent leaks from ice build up, think again. It may not be enough if the ice build up on your roof is severe.

The weight and pressure caused by ice can create a catastrophic failure in the roof assembly. The weight of ice is 100 times greater than that of snow. This will put massive pressure on the roofing system. This pressure can dislodge fasteners, separate roof flashing, or pull away the eavestrough. It can even cause the eavestrough to fall off the building altogether.

If your building is problematic and susceptible to ice damming, a simple proactive measure is to remove the snow from the roof before it forms an ice dam. Consider hiring a professional, like Mr. Roof Repair, to see if the ice dam problem can be reduced or completely solved.

There are many properties and residential homes that, due to the age and nature of design and roofscape, cannot avoid the phenomena of ice damming. There are so many factors not limited to, but including roofscape, roof design and the direction in which the property is facing with respect to exposure and non-exposure to the sun. Building design changes, for example making an older building tighter and more energy efficient, can trigger these problems.

Removing the snow and ice build up from your roof is definitely a task you wan tot leave to the professionals. This can be a dangerous task to take on if you are not appropriately trained or have the correct safety equipment. Mr. Roof Repair has years of experience in helping homeowners take care of their roofs and winter brings no exceptions.