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The Challenge

The customer was away for a few weeks and came home to find a roof leak due to an ice dam. The customer removed the ice dam that was located where the main roof and garage meet but the customer was looking for a solution to prevent this from happening in the future as well as to repair the damaged area.

The Solution

The Roofing Specialist Team determined that the leaking was coming from the valley into the dividing wall with the garage. They quoted to do new insulation and ventilation for the garage, a new closed-cut valley on the right side and to install new bathroom exhaust vents.

No vapour barrier was installed in the attic even though it is important to the building envelope to have one. Spray foam was installed over the ceiling in the attic to cover any protrusions like light fixtures, etc. Then 15 inches of blown insulation was added to bring the R value to a 50. This is a requirement under the new building code for every home. Attic baffles were also installed under the overhang inside the attic space. This helps promote air flow into the space. Three attic slant bank vents were installed at the front garage slope at the termination point where the fire wall exists in the attic. By doing this we created an exhaust for the moisture to escape.

For the valley, we removed one shingle from the left and right side of the valley to expose the metal flashing that was used. We removed the flashing to expose the wood and installed ice and water shield over the wood. We then installed new shingles and cut them in a clean line to close the valley.

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