Leaking Valley Repair


The Client contacted Mr. Roof Repair because they were experiencing a severe leak located at the home’s front entrance.


The Roofing Specialist Team were shown the leak which extended from the first floor straight down to the basement along one wall. They inspected the roof surface and discovered the valley was not only incomplete but also installed incorrectly. The shingles were not installed and finished properly on both sides of the valley; they were stepped back and starter shingles were the only ones exposed.


The RS Team temporarily sealed the area using roof cement from top to bottom on both sides – approximately 10 to 12 feet – of the valley. They then touched up a couple of loose nails in the area.


As this is a temporary repair, a permanent repair is required.   The work done was simply to allow the homeowner time to complete the permanent repair. There is no guarantee on how long a temporary solution will stop or slow the leak and therefore a  permanent repair should  be completed as soon as possible. A permanent repair will ensure the area is water tight and prevent any future leaks in the future. 

A quote will follow for this permanent solution.